Saturday, October 24


Far from perfection.
I leave the images rather large just to show you that. Why anyone would buy art from me when the original is far moar beautiful, (special cases notwithstanding, Bloodbraid Elf, what exactly is that shadowy image on the left side of the card aside from a waste of space? >_>) I have no clue.
Either way, because I have commissions coming in and such, I figured there should be a page dedicated to this stuff.
I wish people would commission me for extended art. That stuff is so much easier, less time consuming, looks better and there's a significantly less chance of a screwup. This full alter stuff is difficult. Especially due to the small canvas and paints. That kind of combo doesn't allow for spectacular art unless you're godliek.
(Contact Ariaria at the MtGSalvation boards (I don't know how you're gonna do that) for alters.)

Jhoira of the Ghitu
Time elapsed: 4 hours.
Order: KingOldBoy
Received: 4x Mulldrifters, 1x Twincast
Thoughts: I had no blooprints for this one. I went into it without any thought whatsoever regarding how the final product would look. It's okay, I suppose. The original art is beautiful, though she's not smiling there either. ._. I should've gotten more out of this one, honestly.

Bloodbraid Elf
Time elapsed: 3.5 hours
Order: argus
Received: 25 USD
Thoughts: I cannot begin to tell you how ugly the original art for Bloodbraid is. I mean, the art itself isn't terrible (that award goes to Stasis), in fact, its details are flawless. I just hate Bloodbraid Elf as an elf. Elves should be elegant and beautiful. :D

Lim-Dul, the Necromancer
Time elapsed: 5 hours
Order: Poesjuh
Received: 25 USD
Thoughts: Original Lim-Dul art is horrible. This one isn't much better. >_>

Knight of the Reliquary
Stomping Grounds (x2)
Time elapsed: A few weeks.
Order: GoodcatMrGoodat
Received: A whole bunch of crap that's in my Squirrel deck. Basically 70-80 USD worth of stuff.